colour archeology

For many years, Johan Löfgren has dedicated himself to a quiet observation of nature's colors and patterns. Together with the artist Johan Tirén, he has mapped and presented the colors of nature in publications and exhibitions. Right now, the exhibition Memories of Landscapes is taking place at Norrtälje Konsthall, where the duo is showing a series of new works, which in different ways relate to color and vision.

Vattnets väg längs berget (The path of the water along the rock) och Kråkbärsriset på myren (Crowberry bushes on the bog) by Johan Löfgren

In Johan Löfgren's new prints series Moments in the wasteland, the artist continues his mapping of nature's pattern formation and colors by zooming in and finding motifs in the seemingly understated details of a landscape. Against a sounding board of color archaeology, the work simultaneously becomes a poetic scratching in the ground, notes and observations where the insignificant, a blade of grass, the lichen on the stone, a stream of water, together form a larger story.

Skymning mot natten (Dusk towards night) and Urskogens spegling (The primeval forest's reflection) by Johan Löfgren

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