christmas inspiration

Christmas is approaching and you know as well as we do that art is the best gift for your loved ones. To really make the point, we took a bunch of artworks along to a beautiful home, to try to capture the magic of having great art on your walls! 

Roger Metto "Western Swing". View artwork

Linn Fernström "Vargspegling". View artwork. Gudrun Åsling "Resa 4". View artwork

Ann Edholm "I oviss timme". View artwork. Ulla Wennberg "Surgubbe 1: jävla feminister". View artwork. Theo Ågren "Fired". View artwork

Johan Nobell "Hearts and Flowers". View artwork

Annette Hammarén "Kvällning". View artwork

Cecilia Pettersson "Ocean". View artwork. Gudrun Åsling "Resa 2". View artwork

Anna Pajak "Bones of the flower". View artwork

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