art this summer

We know you are all desperately hungry for art experiences. There is of course art to enjoy online, but with traveling being permitted within Sweden, this summer will offer the possibility of enjoying amazing art, all outdoors. Here is a list of our favourite art parks in Sweden:

Many of the artworks at Alma Löv are presented in makeshift pavilions

Alma Löv Museum of Unexpected art, Östra Ämtervik, Värmland

While other outdoor art venues are often elegant and tranquil experiences for calm contemplation, Alma löv is always uxexpected, full of life and humour. If you haven’t planned a trip to Östra Ämtervik yet, you should do it now.

Konst i ån (art in the river), Norrtälje, Uppland

Follow the windings of the Norrtälje river and see artworks around the theme of Anthropocene, by a handful of contemporary, Swedish artists.

The gigantic sculpture Anna by Jaume Plensa, against the blue Bohuslän summer sky

Pilane, Tjörn, Bohuslän

4500 years ago, our Stone Age ancestors lived and farmed on the land just by the sea on the island of Tjörn. Today this breathtakingly beautiful historic landscape is classed a cultural heritage. In the midst of grazing sheep, every summer the fields open up to sculptures by leading contemporary artists from around the world.

Ulvhälls hällar, Strängnäs, Sörmland

The art park of Ulvhäll is a small newcomer, arranged only since 2018. This year too will offer a sculpture exhibition, with a recently installed sculpture group by Anastasia Ax.

Children playing on a sculpture by Jacob Dahlgren's, under the beech trees at Wanås art

Wanås art, Östra Göinge, Skåne

In the flourishing beech tree forest of the Wanås manor, Swedish and International artists have showed sculptures since the eighties. The park is now brimming with artworks by some of the most prominent artists in the world. This year’s exhibitor is Korean artist Kimsooja, blending painting and textile.

Princess Estelle Cultural Foundation, Stockholm, Uppland

Since 2016, sculpture exhibitions have been organized around the Djurgården canal in Stockholm. This year’s exhibitor is land art pioneer Alice Aycock. Six monumental sculptures, inspired by the movements of nature, are exhibited.

Umedalen skulptur, Umeå, Västerbotten

On the grounds of the old mental hospital outside of Umeå, a large sculpture park can be found. Sculptures by International art stars such as Louise Bourgeois, Bård Breivik, Tony Cragg and Jaume Plensa and many others can be enjoyed for free, around the clock.