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We're happy to announce ed. art's collaboration with Sweden's largest interior magazine Sköna hem. In Sköna hem's new art club ten artworks are presented to the readers - five from ed. art's existing range and and five brand new editions. The selection has been made both with regards to the artworks themselves, but also the age of the artists and how established they are on the art market, to get an interesting mix of young and old, established and up-and-coming. The hope is that the range will be expanded in order for even more art to reach more people!

The 10 works are listed below.

New editions

Charlotte Gyllenhammar "Rubin", digital pigment print, 2017

Roger Metto "Top View", lithograph, 2017

Kristina Bength "Det ljus som delats", lithograph, 2017

Anneè Olofsson "Mourning hours days of mirage nights of mist", etching, 2017

Cecilia Ömalm "Vitriol VIII", 2017, cyanotype

Existing editions

Jacob Dahlgren "Constructing a new world XIII", 2007, etching

Malin Gabriella Nordin "The Traveller", 2017, lithograph

Disa Rytt "Untitled", 2017, serigraphy

Cilla Ramnek "Sakerna, svängrummet I", 2015, serigraphy

Annette Hammarén "Ängen", 2017, etching