Sea of Tranquility
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Cecilia Ömalm
Sea of Tranquility 2016

Sea of ​​Tranquility is a work created by using the sun's rays; a picture of a moon that is not a moon, not a place, but an eye, a thought or a state of being. Read more

Technique: Cyanotype
Edition: 50
Paper size: 63 × 63 cm
Print size: 63 × 63 cm

5 000 SEK

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In her work, Cecilia Ömalm often uses a room, place or a state of being as a starting point. She is perhaps best known for her digital collages–often huge, detailed images in black and...

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  • Mysticism and occultism have always interested Cecilia Ömalm. The Vitriol suite consists of objects taken from an alchemical laboratory. Still lives have been photographed, transferred to a glass negative and exposed to sunlight against cyanotype paper. 

    4 200 SEK

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