Ruin I
Ruin I

Valérie Collart

Ruin I

Technique: Photogravure Edition: 10 Year: 2015 size, paper: 76 x 53 cm size, print: 59 x 38 cm

Price: €513.00

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In her work, Valérie Collart examines the relationship between sculpture and photography, by experimenting with the boundaries of the two media. She sculpts and photographs the works, to by way of photography freeze the objects in time and space. The photographic result is markedly frozen, stale fragments of reality. The photogravure series ”Ruins” springs from the artist’s fascination for monuments, that in the works crystallise an image of beauty frozen in time

Valérie Collart is a French artist living in Copenhagen, graduated from the Ecole nationale supérieure d’art, Nice, in 2006. Since, she has exhibited in several European countries and her work can today be found in the Collection of the Danish Art Foundation. 

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