Sakerna, svängrummet I-IV
Sakerna, svängrummet I-IV

Cilla Ramnek

Sakerna, svängrummet I-IV

Sakerna, svängrummet is a series of four silkscreen prints by Cilla Ramnek produced in collaboration with ed. and printmaker Atelier Landberg during the summer of 2015. On this page, you order all four prints to a reduced price. If adding frame, you will get each print in its own box frame. The prints can also be framed together in one frame, contact us for price.

Technique: Serigraphy Edition: 30 Year: 2015 size, paper: 52 x 37 cm size, print: 52 x 37 cm

Price: €936.00

About frames

Cilla Ramnek is an artist who works with a variety of expressions. The material is what always defines her art, what it all emanates from and what sets the borders and points out the possibilities. It has led to border-crossing artworks in all materials - huge artworks made out of small plastic beads, textile patterns, collages of every kind. In 2013 she was one of three curators behind the exhibition Home Sweet Home at Lijlevalchs, a personal presentation of Swedish design history.

Ramnek was born in 1959 in Stockholm. She studied textile at the Royal College of Arts, Craft and Design and has later been an adjunct professor at the same faculty.

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