Face to Face II
Face to Face II

Mari Rantanen

Face to Face II

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 75 Year: 2010 size, paper: 41 x 33 cm size, print: 32 x 25 cm

Price: kr1,920.00

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One could say that Mari Rantanen has claimed her completely own color scheme in Swedish contemporary art. Noone paints with the same extremely intense shades as Rantanen - shocking pink, neon green and bright gold can all be found in her work. But it is not just the color that characterizes Rantanen's oeuvre but also the composition, where total order prevails. And it is no coincidence. Systems interest Rantanen and the relationship between chaos and order is crucial in her work.

Mari Rantanen grew up and was educated in Finland, but has spent a large part of his working life in Sweden, where she has exhibited widely and also worked as a professor at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Today, she divides her time between Stockholm and New York.

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