Play Serious 107
Play Serious 107
Play Serious 107
Play Serious 107
Play Serious 107

Clay Ketter

Play Serious 107

Play Serious is a telling title for the latest addition to Clay Ketter’s print production. The background consists of pictures of art history’s masterpieces. On top of these, a colored plastic template has been placed, creating both a color and a relief print when pressed into the paper by the weight of the printing press. Each individual print is different from the next.

Year: 2014 size, paper: 28 x 38 cm size, print: 22,5 x 31 cm

Price: €274.00

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Clay Ketter is one of Sweden’s most respected and well-known artists of today. Ha had break-through in the nineties with his Wall Paintings–paintings consisting of plaster, filler and screw. Since then, Ketter has continued working with construction and abstraction. That any surface consists of layer upon layer of coated materials is an idea that permeates the artist's works, everything from said wall paintings to the acclaimed aerial photos of the tattered buildings that Hurricane Katrina left behind.

Ketter was born in 1961 in Brunswick, Maine, USA, but lives and works Malmö since many years. He was educated at the School of Art + Design, Purchase College, New York State. Today, his works can be found in all the major Swedish museum collections in addition to several art institutiona around the world.

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