The Drifting Starfish III
The Drifting Starfish III
The Drifting Starfish III

Maria Bajt

The Drifting Starfish III

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 30 Year: 2015 size, paper: 49 x 42 cm size, print: 40 x 32 cm

Price: kr3,280.00

About frames

Maria Bajt collects materials from various sources, then twists and turns the images to create worlds of their own. She uses elements from different traditions; an unconventional mix of comic-references, psychedelics and folk art where her personal stories are interwoven with ancient mythology, mystery and science fiction. The pictures are nearing the aesthetics of silhouette film, but one can also see influences from medieval paintings and contemporary iconography.

Maria Bajt graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm in 2008. Today, she divides her time between Stockholm and Berlin. In 2013 she received the Sven X:et Erixon scholarship, which came with an offer to do a solo exhibition at Botkyrka Konsthall. The same year she made a children's book together with musician Jason Diakité for Wanås sculpture park in Skåne.

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