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"I do not create my own type, I only use what already exists" says Lina Nordenström about her letterpress printmaking. "29 letters are all we need. We do not have to invent new letters to be able to express ourselves." Read more

Technique: Letterpress Edition: 1 Year: 2021 size, paper: 54 x 35 cm size, print: 30 x 20 cm

Price: kr4,000.00

About frames

Libraries, archives, old books and documents have been an important source of inspiration for Lina Nordenström’s oeuvre. She often works in book form with her art – books as items, but also in editions, with both text and image. A playful relationship with typography and letters is characteristic of her books and prints. Maps and plans have also been a starting point of creation. The "myopic reading" that characterizes map reading, has been an important part of the allure of maps. By doing white outline maps in thermographic printing, Nordenström has made it possible to "read" them with your fingers, while the picture’s character of object is enhanced in this way.

Lina Nordenström was educated at the School of Printmaking in Stockholm in the early nineties, at the time a three-year course in the art of making printed images. She works in all techniques and, is running her own printmaking workshop in Uttersberg, north of Koping, since a couple of years.

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