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Power pose
Power pose
Power pose
Power pose

Tove Kjellmark

Power Pose

Edition: 30 Year: 2020 size, paper: 76 x 56 cm size, print: 68,5 x 34 cm

Price: kr4,000.00

About frames

Tove Kjellmark examines the relationship between movement and the solid. She is a trained sculptor and has developed a versatile and experimental practice where she moves freely between different media and materials. Kjellmark's work is both physical, psychological and conceptual. It places itself in the glitch between the digital and the organic, the past and the future. As a tool, she often uses her own body in combination with home-built machines and advanced technology. Kjellmark has made "Technoanimalism" her signature and in media contexts she has been called a modern, female, Dr. Frankenstein.

Tove Kjellmark (1977) was born and is still based in Stockholm, where she received her Master of Fine Arts at the Royal Institute of Arts in 2009. She has since exhibited regularly on the international art scene.

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