Lars Nyberg


”Drypoint lines are different from those made with pencil – they are living, unexpected lines. Thin lines that breathe. Thin scratches. Copper is almost a magical material to work in. It is easy to remove lines, to blur them with a burnisher, but also to soften the lines, make them thin, thin."

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Technique: Drypoint Edition: 100 Year: 2021 size, paper: 39 x 56 cm size, print: 14 x 25 cm

Price: €127.00

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Lars Nyberg is one of the big names in Swedish contemporary fine art prints. The technique he has made his own is drypoint, to draw directly in the shiny copper plate with a sharp steel needle. He describes working with drypoint as a fascinating and uncontrollable directness; to hear the needle against the plate and feel the resistance in the copper. The motifs are often everyday and simple, in recent years there have been a lot of portraits of plants but also landscapes that - depicted with Lars Nyberg's thin, light drypoint lines in the white paper - are lifted out of their everyday lives and become something totally different.

Lars Nyberg studied at the Academy of the Fine Arts in Stockholm 1978-83 and has since worked as an artist and exhibited extensively both in Sweden and abroad. His work can be found in the collections of both the British Museum of London and the Moderna Museet, as well as a number of public institutions.

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