Patrick Wagner

This Mortal Coil

Etching with chine-collée, which means that a thin, coloured paper has been laminated on the backing paper during the printing process. This print in thus unique.

In this series of etchings, Patrick Wagner tries to capture the logic of dreams, in floating, soft brush strokes. Read more here

Technique: Etching Edition: 1 Year: 2020 size, paper: 27 x 38 cm size, print: 13,5 x 16,5 cm

Price: kr3,600.00

About frames

Patrick Wagner is a real print virtuoso. Not only has he these last years been teaching printmaking at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, he has focused his own oeuvre to a large extent on printmaking. He has conducted printmaking projects in collaboration with artists all over the world and acted as a printmaker for a number of distinguished artists. Patrick Wagner is educated at the arts academies of Helsinki, Bergen and Kiel.

Within the framework of the artist’s interest in prints, studies of medieval small-format prints are included. In these, are often found ”dance macabre” or dance of death motives, in which skeletons are shown seemingly living like human beings – they dance, eat, drink, maybe they even have a dog. Wagner has brought this medieval motif into his contemporary artistry, and "living", humorous skeletons are a recurring motif in his world of images.

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