Lotta Döbling


Technique: Lithography Edition: 160 Year: 2020 size, paper: 37 x 41,5 cm size, print: 28 x 33,5 cm

Price: €180.00

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Through her images, Lotta Döbling examines existence and the impressions we encounter. She starts out from photographs and retrieves her motifs from art history, popular culture or peripheral details in everyday life. Fragmentary, like glimpses in a flow of impressions. The work is intuitive and in the pictures, the superficial clashes with darker undertones. In excerpts from and close-ups of shapes, environments and objects, the original meanings are blurred and a new painterly story takes shape. At the center is an investigation of painting itself, where the color both attracts and confuses, offers resistance and takes its own path in the process.

Lotta Döbling is educated at the College of Arts, Craft and Design and the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and still lives and works in the capital. She actively exhibits around Sweden, is represented in several public collections and has received a number of prestigious scholarships.

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