Eva Beierheimer

Bubbles III (3/10)

Edition: 10 Year: 2020 size, paper: 74 x 53 cm size, print: 74 x 53 cm

Price: kr4,000.00

About frames

Eva Beierheimer is an Austrian artist living in Sweden since 2007. Physical, cognitive and textual structures are often the basis for her work. She uses geometric stencils and repeats and varies these to create abstract forms. She also uses text as the material for the artwork to take form. In her printmaking practice, she uses the printing process’s possibility of creating shapes by adding many layers on top of each other. Instead of an edition, the result is numbered series of prints made from the same plates combined in different ways.

Eva Beierheimer works with installation, sculpture, printmaking, drawing and media arts. She was educated in Austria and at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm. In addition to her own projects, she collaborates frequently with others.

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