Maria Lavman Vetö

Territorium (orange)

Technique: Digital pigment print Edition: 25 size, paper: 60 x 50 cm size, print: 57 x 47,5 cm

Price: €360.00

About frames

Maria Lavman Vetö worked with series of images focusing on color, surface / spatiality, scale and perception. With the computer as her main tool, she made us of the fact that systematic changes could easily be made and that all steps in the process were visible; that a small, simple change to an image could transform it from indifferent to aesthetically pleasing. When her compositions were finished, Lavman Vetö used different techniques to complete the works, either printing them on paper, wood, acrylic glass or metal, or painting them on canvas.

Maria Lavman Vetö was born i Stockholm in 1960 but spent most of her life in Southern Sweden. She studied at the Academy of Fine Arts of Copenhagen between 1984 and 90 and thereafter had a number of exhibitions both in Sweden and internationally. In the autumn of 2023, she passed away and the remaining artworks are available through a collaboration with her family.

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