My Ekman

Jan och Janne

Technique: Digital pigment print Edition: 9 size, paper: 70 x 70 cm size, print: 60 x 60 cm

Price: €403.00

About frames

My Ekman works primarily with site-specific installations - preferably in the public space where art reaches out to the citizens and become part of society. Her installations are like three-dimensional paintings, where the colours play central part in weaving together the various building blocks of the installation. The colours enhance and express a mood. The artist as a kind of shaman, alone in the studio infusing life in unique objects, does not interest Ekman. Therefore, working with prints also suits her – a medium that reaches out wide, hence Ekman can take in the surrounding society in her working process and charge the works with meaning together with those who live with and around them.

My Ekman studied at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm, and graduated in 2000, and has since worked primarily with public commission but also participated in numerous exhibitions around Sweden.

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