Carin Ellberg

Landscape with others I & II

In Landscape with others, we see a shoreline extending across the two prints. Hanging figures soar over the landscape. "I think of them as spirits – part of a soulful nature," says Ellberg. Read more

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Technique: Serigraphy Edition: 80 Year: 2019 size, paper: 51 x 130 cm size, print: 51 x 130 cm

Price: €569.00

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In Carin Ellberg’s world, associations and lines of thought often take physical form. An object passes through winding, tortuous shapes into another. Thus, Ellberg’s lithographs cohere with her sculpture. Many people associate her name with public sculpture, especially the work "The Fifth Element" in Gävle. The many meters high, pink work starts off as a woman's head at the base, turns into an armchair, which becomes a lamp and finally a two-headed figure. The sculpture has attracted much attention and been highly debated.

But Carin Ellberg is also an artist who has exhibited extensively in museums and galleries, both in Sweden and around the world. She studied at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, with a master’s degree in 1989. Today there are works by Ellberg in the Modern Museet collection as well as that of the Malmö Art Museum.

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