Lundahl & Seitl

Max Ernst, Grätenwald, oil on canvas, 1926 & Stephan Huber, Sasso Lungo ...

title continued: "(Langkofel), plaster sculpture, 2001 - New Original: as remembered by Christer Lundahl"

This print emanates from New originals, a performance piece created in 2017 specifically for Kunstmuseum Bonn. In the exhibition, Lundahl & Seitl invited the visitor to reflect on the origin of images and the development of memory. Read more

Technique: Etching Edition: 20 Year: 2017 size, paper: 60 x 51 cm size, print: 40 x 28 cm

Price: €360.00

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Since 2003, visual artist Christer Lundahl and choreographer Martina Seitl have worked together under the name Lundahl & Seitl. In their joint work, both of their backgrounds are interwoven to create art where the viewer's ability to perceive and participate are central themes. The works combine stories, instructions, choreography and three-dimensional sound; the viewer steps into the works to experience and become co-creators. Each project is made specifically for a location, situation or medium. The prints are excerpts from the duo's world of images, transferred to copper plate and printed by hand.

Lundahl & Seitl are among Sweden's most successful artists internationally. Among other things, they have had a large solo exhibition at Center Pompidou in Metz, France. In Sweden, they have made special commissions for, among others, the National Museum and Accelerator.

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