Charlotte Gyllenhammar


In EmeraldGyllenhammar examines the gem in close-up. 

The emerald represents fertility and rebirth as in spring green, but also fidelity and memory. It may be the most mythical of all gemstones. It was the favorite gemstone of the Egyptian regent Cleopatra. The Greek philosopher Hermes Trismegistus' Smaragdine Tablet, outlines how to make the Philosopher’s Stone; the substance that the alchemists used to convert base metals such as lead into gold. Read more

Technique: Digital pigment print Edition: 80 Year: 2017 size, paper: 61 x 85 cm size, print: 61 x 85 cm

Price: €576.00

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Charlotte Gyllenhammar works primarily with sculpture, photography, video and installation, although her artistic career began with painting. The breakthrough came in 1993 when Gyllenhammar hung a 120-year old oak tree upside-down on Drottninggatan in Stockholm. The themes touched upon by the early works, such as vulnerability, rootlessness, control and conflict, still return still in her artistry. Several of her sculptures can be found in the public sphere.

Gyllenhammar was educated at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm and the Royal College of Art in London, with a degree from the latter in 1991. Today she is considered one of Sweden's foremost artists and her works have been included in the collections of, among others, the Moderna Museet in Stockholm, Kiasma of Helsinki, the National Museum of Women in The Arts, Washington and Power Station of Art, Shanghai.

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