Untitled III 2019
Untitled III 2019
Untitled III 2019
Untitled III 2019

Sigrid Sandström

Untitled III (2019)


Technique: Monotype Edition: 1 size, paper: 92 x 67 cm size, print: 72 x 51 cm

Price: kr19,360.00

About frames

Sigrid Sandström's paintings are reflections on the nature of painting and image-making itself. The work that had a figurative approach in Sandström's early career, has evolved over the years and has come to focus on the creative process itself. Her art is a constant exploration of the relationship between the motion of the hand - vision - preception.

Sigrid Sandström is one of most well-renowned painters of her generation, with a number of major exhibitions both in the US and Sweden. She is also a committed professor of fine arts specializing in painting at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, where she since a number of years has fostered new generations of artists. Sandström herself studied at Yale University School of Art, graduating in 2001.

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