Gfeller + Hellsgård

W.O.P 239


The signature is placed on the back 

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 1 Year: 2018 size, paper: 70 x 50 cm size, print: 70 x 50 cm

Price: kr6,240.00

About frames

The artist duo Gfeller + Hellsgård have a reputation of being master silkscreen printers. It is through this technique that they funnel their own artistic ideas, seeking to rethink, deconstruct and reconstruct the medium through experimentations. Perfectionists in terms of technique, the duo deconstructs the conventions and techniques of the silkscreening process. The process involves intentional colour overlaps, smudges, bleeding, glitches and transparencies. Each piece is conceived intuitively, like an experimental painting, in which accidents, errors and un-learning play an important part.

Anna Hellsgård was born in Stockholm in 1980 and Christian Gfeller in Haguenau, France, in 1973. They have been working together since 2001, based in Berlin and Stockholm, and exhibited extensively throughout Europe.

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