Surgubbe 1 "Jävla feminister"
Surgubbe 1 "Jävla feminister"
Surgubbe 1 "Jävla feminister"
Surgubbe 1 "Jävla feminister"

Ulla Wennberg

Surgubbe 1 "jävla feminister"

Ulla Wennberg's works are not numbered because, during the seventies when Wennberg started her carreer, numbering was not common.  However, the prints are signed and hand-printed by the artist.

Technique: Woodcut Edition: -- Year: 2013 size, paper: 41 x 29 cm size, print: 30 x 20,5 cm

Price: €144.00

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When Ulla Wennberg graduated from the Royal Academhy of Fine Arts in 1976, printmaking was the primary mode of expression for young artists. The art was for the people. Questioning social structures and multiplying the prints to spread the message as widely as possible was considered to be one of art's most important missions. The eighties came with a change of climate for the arts, but Ulla Wennberg has kept working in the same spirit. Satire remains a means to stimulate debate.

Wennberg works with hand-printed wood and linoleum cuts, but also sculpture and collage. She is an active part of the printmaking community today, and lives and works in Stockholm.

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