Magnus Dahl


An etching made of three printing plates. 

Together they create a hypnotic pattern of scales, which are seemingly expanding in all directions outside the image section.

Technique: Etching Edition: 10 Year: 2018 size, paper: 43,5 x 38 cm size, print: 27,5 x 24 cm

Price: €238.00

About frames

Magnus Dahl works with drawing as a basis and starting-point for all of his works. Drawing both as a metaphor for a state and the actual act of transferring thought to surface and back again. Dahl draws parallells to divination: things are thrown out and end up in formations, the artist reads, draws conclusions and stories begin to unfold.

In 2011 Magnus Dahl graduated from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Since then he has exhibited extensively and received numerous awards, including project support from the Swedish Arts Grants Committee and Helge Ax:son Johnson Scholarship Fund.

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