Let's take a walk
Let's take a walk
Let's take a walk
Let's take a walk

Patrick Wagner

Let's take a walk


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Edition: 1 Year: 2017 size, paper: 90 x 78 cm size, print: 39 x 59 cm

Price: kr8,000.00

About frames

Patrick Wagner is a real print virtuoso. Not only has he these last years been teaching printmaking at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm, he has focused his own oeuvre to a large extent on printmaking. He has conducted printmaking projects in collaboration with artists all over the world and acted as a printmaker for a number of distinguished artists. Patrick Wagner is educated at the arts academies of Helsinki, Bergen and Kiel.

Within the framework of the artist’s interest in prints, studies of medieval small-format prints are included. In these, are often found ”dance macabre” or dance of death motives, in which skeletons are shown seemingly living like human beings – they dance, eat, drink, maybe they even have a dog. Wagner has brought this medieval motif into his contemporary artistry, and "living", humorous skeletons are a recurring motif in his world of images.

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