Let it burn. Summertime
Let it burn. Summertime

Nacho Tatjer

Let it burn. Summertime

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 22 size, paper: 63 x 95 cm size, print: 63 x 95 cm

Price: kr5,000.00

About frames

Nacho Tatjer works with a variety of media but his preferred form is drawing. His constant flow of impressions is manifested in his art in an associative and poetical form of expression, and it sticks on paper, wood, canvas, textile, ceramics or whatever material he stumbles over. A unique multilingual vocabulary mixing forms, texts and figures.
Nacho Tatjer lives and works in Stockholm. He studied at Universitat de Barcelona and at the Royal Institute of Art in Stockholm. In recent years he has exhibited around Sweden. He is currently working on a public commission for Drottning Silvias children’s and youth ward, in Gothenburg.

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