Girl with pipe
Girl with pipe

Linn Fernström

Girl with pipe

In Flicka med rör (Girl with pipe) we see a richly decorated girl who holds something very important in her hand. Read more about the four Fernström lithographs

Technique: Lithography Edition: 150 Year: 2018 size, paper: 57,5 x 41 cm size, print: 52 x 37 cm

Price: €266.00

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Ever since her graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts in Stockholm 1999, Linn Fernström has been an artist known far beyond art circles. The reason is without doubt her evocative and dreamy, sometimes morbid imagery. She herself often appears in the works, an alter ego that on canvas is exposed to suffering and cruelty that reality will spare most humans. Monkeys, parrots and leopards also inhabit Linn Fernströms world. Fernström is also actively working with prints and has made two series of drypoint engravings, in 2008 and 2012.

Fernström for many years lived and worked in New York, but is now back in Stockholm. In October 2021, the new and enlarged Liljevalchs, the art gallery of the City of Stockholm, will re-open with a Linn Fernström retrospective.

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