Praktiska øvelser I
Praktiska øvelser I
Praktiska øvelser I
Praktiska øvelser I
Praktiska øvelser I

Kristin Tårnesvik

Praktiske øvelser V

“I start with a picture with a simple line on the paper and continue from there. The lines meet each other, collide with each other, form new directions and different shapes, hold each other together. Such experiments form the basis of practical exercises." Read more

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Technique: Silk screen Edition: 10 Year: 2017 size, paper: 112 x 77 cm size, print: 77 x 62 cm

Price: kr8,560.00

Kristin Tårnesvik’s work often considers social and historical questions and can be viewed as a long-term research project that explores the relationship between art, ideology og activism. Her art asks questions about ethnicity, geographic and national belonging in the North, and examines the political ideology of the structures that lie hidden behind human life and affect the choices that people make.

Tårnesvik holds a master’s degree from the department of photography at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design. She has won a number of public art assignments and is represented in public collections around Norway, and has had a number of national and international exhibitions.

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