Raha Rastifard

Hyllning till rörelsen II (lila) 4 of 35

Hyllning till rörelsen II is a serie of prints produced as a continuation of the artwork by Raha Rastifard at Norsborgs subway station in 2017.

The serie consists of several colors, where each color makes up an edition of 35. Every print of each edition is slightly different from the other and together they create a sort of fade from one color to another, e. g. red to yellow.

Technique: Silk screen Edition: 35 Year: 2017 size, paper: 64 x 46 cm size, print: 42 x 42 cm

Price: kr4,400.00

About frames

Raha Rastifard is an Iranian-German artist who today resides in Stockholm. Her work ranges from photography to video, drawing, installations and printmaking. It always stems from her personal experiences, and is largely autobiographical. In her highly lyrical art, she creates works full of transcultural, poetic and historical art references. The process often resembles diaries where reality, dreams and fantasies intertwine.

Raha Rastifard has a Bachelor of Fine art from the National University of Art in Tehran and a Master’s degree in European and Islamic Art History and Iranian Studies from the Freie Universität in Berlin. She has exhibited around Europe and in Iran, but also, among others, in the US, Japan and China.

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