Bo Söderström


Technique: Digital pigment print Edition: 40 size, paper: 62 x 50 cm size, print: 38 x 29 cm

Price: kr3,000.00

About frames

Like all visual artists, Bo Söderström’s main tool is the color itself. But in Söderström’s case, this fact is particularly evident. In his hands, colour is transformed into light and space, instead of remaining a material. He uses simple shapes and let the strong, bright colours meet in an eternal wrestling-match.

Bo Söderström graduated from Valand’s Art Academy in Gothenburg in 1970. During these turbulent, political times, Söderström was one of few who argued art's right to "just" make pictures. Since then, the tables have turned and Söderström has received scholarships, made a large number of exhibitions and major public commissions.

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